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Levels 4 and 5


Level 4- Approximately Ages 11-14

Level 5- approximately ages 12+

When students reach Level 4, their basic technical requirements have to be fully established.  By Level 5, students should have accomplished all elements of technique, which have been taught in the lower levels.  Students also have to be able to maintain values as more complex steps, combinations, grander versions, and faster tempos are introduced.

Level 4 and 5 students are able to do the following:

  • Balance on one leg: in grand positions, on half pointe, and in jumps

  • Have the mental and physical stamina and all over strength

  • Defined, sharp and fast footwork

  • Improved flexibility

  • Able to move well and keep attractive lines at the same time in all directions

  • Improved quality of different approaches to the floor

  • Being able to use connecting steps efficiently

  • Achieving a good height in jumps with sharp and fast footwork

  • Moving through space with attack and intensity-particularly in grand allegro with height, and reaching to the fullest

  • Reversing an entire combination, right and left

  • All over good coordination

  • Comfortable with musicality and different accents

  • Nice class presentation and ability to show different styles of steps

  • Building confidence, high energy, and strong focus

  • Well versed in the name of steps

company- Levels 3-5

Company students have discovered a passion for dance.  These students are interesting in continuing with dance after high school.  Company students are technically proficient and have a solid understanding of many different styles of dance.  In this program, students take more than two styles of dance and attend class at least two nights a week.