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what is ballet?

Ballet is a classic dance form with specific codified terminology, technique, and choreography.  There are many benefits to studying Ballet. 

The following ballet concepts aid in healthy development of children of all ages:

  • Discipline of mind and body

  • Coordination

  • Grace and poise

  • Muscle toning

  • Alignment and posture

  • Understanding team concepts

  • Understand and appreciating the art of dance

  • Learning to be a good audience member

  • Exposure to classical music

  • Love of dance

Ballet classes usually include but are not limited to barre work, center floor work, adage, allegro, and reverence.  Carlisle Dance offers a fun, interesting, yet appropriately challenging way to learn ballet.  Ballet classes are very structured, however, students can feel comfortable asking questions and participating as they improve week to week.

This year, we offered a ballet class that focused on technique class that focused on technique (without a recital piece) and required students to take a least one other ballet class per week.  When anonymously surveyed, ALL of these students felt that they had improved by taking two classes per week, that ballet helped them improve in other styles of dance, and (unless they were moving from the area) all would return next year.  When asked how they would describe the class to a friend, 9 out of 10 responses included the word "FUN" and all dancers cited examples of improvement in their technique!

pointe and requirements

Pointe is not right for everyone.  Pointe dancers require more strength, flexibility and durability than ballet dancers.  Pointe students should have a broad understand of ballet technique and terminology.  Students must be recommended to go on pointe.  If students are invited to take pointe class, this does not guarantee that they will dance on pointe in the end of the year performance. 

Students will be reevaluated each year.  Just because you danced on pointe or were in a certain level previously, does not mean that you are guaranteed the same the following year.  Dancers must commit to their dance education and continue to work hard each year.

The following are the requirements to go on Pointe:

  • Student must be at least 10 years of age

  • Student must have at least 3 years of consistent study and practice of ballet

  • Student is healthy and in good physical condition

  • Student must have good turn out, proper balance and body alignment with an understanding of their center

  • Student must have a strong abdomen and back with sufficient strength in their legs and feet

  • Students must take at least two ballet classes

These requirements are for the safety of the dancers.  Please respect faculty recommendations.