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Class Attire

what to wear to dance class

A dress code exists to allow the teacher to provide individual attention to each dancer by seeing the lines of the body and use of the knees and ankles. Lack of accessories also encourages a positive body image by exposure and acceptance of all body types and discouraging students from feeling they have something to “cover up.” Uniformity also boosts the student’s feeling of confidence and focus on their dancing: “When I am dressed like a dancer, I’m ready to dance my best!”

Ballet/Pointe/TAP Intro-3/acro

Students in Tap (Intro-Level 3) and Acro Students should also follow the ballet dress code.

Pink tights, pink ballet slippers and the leotard color of their class level. Hair securely in a bun with no swinging bangs. Revolution products are recommended and easy to acquire at the studio. Leotards should be plain with no attached skirts, ruffles, gems or other embellishments. Pre/Creative ballet students may have bare legs in the fall months. Level 4 and 5 dancers may wear form-fitting dance shorts with no words printed on them. Level 5 dancers may wear short skirts. No jewelry, as it is a hazard to your dancer and the other dancers in the room.  For recital, students will be required to order tights through Revolution Dancewear.  Pointe shoes need to be sewn with one elastic and two ribbons (one either side of the shoe).  Ribbons and elastics should be sewn on the INSIDE of the shoe.  If you have questions, please see your instructor or the office.

Pre-Ballet:            Light Pink Leotard

Primary Ballet:     Light Blue Leotard

Levels 1-2:            Forest Green Leotard

Level 3:                 Navy Leotard

Levels 4-5:            Black Solid Leotard 

jazz/Hip hop/tap 4-5/modern/lyrical

Students in Tap (Level 4-5), Lyrical, Modern and Hip Hop should also follow the jazz dress code.

Jazz students must wear bike shorts, tights, jazz or stretch leggings and their hair must be pulled back neatly from their face. Shirts should be fitted.  Leotards are encouraged. Leotard color is at the discretion of the student/parent.  Black jazz shoes are required.  Shoes should be the slip on "jazz boot", no ties!  Hip Hop students should be wearing “street shoes” to the studio and changing into clean and dry sneakers for class. Please do not let students wear their class sneakers outside. They should have a pair of hip hop sneakers just like they would have a pair of ballet shoes.  Please note, Hip Hop students will need a pair of primarily white sneakers (Levels 1-3) for the recital.