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Company and Competition

by faculty invitation

Company is a great way to take your dancing to the next level! Company consists of Carlisle Dance students who wish to attend dance workshops and competitions in addition to traditional dance instruction and recitals held at Carlisle Dance. As a team, we usually attend 3-4 competitions and workshops throughout the year.

Dancers who commit to Company must complete the following summer requirements:

Level 3 Students:

  • One week of Carlisle Dance Summer Camp

  • At least 10 weekly classes (however, it is always encouraged to take more!)

Level 4 & 5 Students and/or Returning Members:

  • Two weeks of Carlisle Dance Summer Camp**

    • **If you cannot attend both weeks of Carlisle Dance Summer Camp you may substitute a comparable camp that is approved by Kristen.  Another option is to attend at least 20 additional weekly classes. If you plan to use one of these options, please talk to Miss Kristen.

  • At least 10 weekly classes (however, it is always encouraged to take more!)

In addition, please mark your calendars for the Company Choreography Week, August 28-31st from 5-8pm.  (This does not fulfill a camp requirement but rather allows us to get ahead on our Company dances for the season.)

During the season, dancers are required to take the following classes each week:

  • 2 Ballet Classes

  • 1 Jazz Class*

    • *Dancers with 3+ Company Dances or participating in an extra routine, are required to take 2 jazz classes per week.

  • 1 Stretching and Conditioning Class

  • Company rehearsal(s)

  • At least 1 additional style of dance

Required to make up any classes missedWe understand all of this information can be a little bit overwhelming.  Please ask questions if you have them!  Company is very rewarding for our dedicated dancers and we have seen so much improvement in each and every one of them.  Does this sound like you? Let us know so we can see if you have what it takes to join our team!