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Hip Hop

What is hip hop?

Hip Hop uses sharp, energetic, multi-layered isolations and facilitates the range of motion and dynamics of jazz isolations and movements. Backed by popular music, hip hop allows students to experiment with many different styles of hip hop, including but not limited to: breakdance, funk, and free-style. Hip hop redefines and reinvents many early vernacular jazz dances and movements. 

Boys and Girls alike enjoy the fast movements and different stylized movements. Hip hop classes allow students to add their own style to movements.  Students are given time to free style and use their creativity.  Hip Hop is high energy and may be a great fit for you!. 

Students in Hip Hop:

  • Learn choreography each week

  • Work on style walks and combinations moving across the floor

  • Use their creative abilities by free-styling and adding their own style to movements

  • Learn hip hop terminology and techniques