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what is jazz dance?

Jazz dance is a rhythmic stylized dance form conceived in America.  Jazz is a blend of traditions.  Jazz technique borrows for classical ballet, modern dance, and other varied techniques.  The biggest difference between jazz and ballet is the energy! dance is the highly energetic and motivational music. Students will learn specific movement skills that will help them feel and identify with the music and develop a technique and style to perform.  Jazz class will help students expand and nurture the dancer's creative talent.  Besides the fun of movement, the student will learn discipline through participation in the classroom structure and mutual respect for their teacher and fellow classmates.

Jazz classes should accomplish the following:   

  • Develop  technique, alignment and centering

  • Develop coordination

  • Enhance rhythm and musicality

  • Improve movement memory

  • Improve fitness, strength, flexibility, and endurance

  • Develop focus, concentration, and stamina

  • Develop performance qualities and style

  • Motivate and inspire love of the creative process

Pom jazz

Pom Jazz incorporates sharp arm movements into normal jazz technique.  Pom Jazz is similar to cheerleading, however, offers more of a dance feel.  Students learn choreography that tie arm movements and jazz technique together.  Pom Jazz is comparable to a collegiate dance team style, as they incorporate dance with cheerleading. 

Requirements: Students must take either a ballet class or a jazz class to be eligible to take Pom Jazz