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Pre/Intro: Ages 3-4 (Preschool), must be potty trained   
Primary: Ages 5-6 (Kindergarten to 1st grade)

Main goal is for children to experience the joy of dance, enrich their skills, and learn to appreciate this art. In this introductory level focus points include:

  • Students are familiarized with the necessary disciplines and class etiquette.

  • Introduced to different rhythms and counts of music.

  • Children learn to move and improvise with the 5 basic movement qualities.

  • Emphasis is placed on developing coordination and moving gracefully.

  • Students learn how to use the space and become familiar with basic terminology and moves.

  • Preparation and development of physical ability starts with stretching and strengthening exercises on the floor, using creativity and imagination.

In most dance styles, children will learn how to:

  • Engage torso muscles to achieve a nice posture

  • Rotate legs from the hip socket

  • Straighten and lengthen the leg fully

  • Point and articulate the foot

  • Relax shoulders and neck

  • Balance well and be able to change weight