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Stretching and Technique

why would i take stretching and/or technique?

Stretching helps a dancer's flexibility and range of motion.  Along with flexibility, a dancer must have strength for alignment, control, and proper use of their flexibility.  The dance must be able to maintain a balance of strength and flexibility in all areas of the body.  By taking classes designed for only stretching and technique, dancers have the ability to work year round to strengthen their body and improve their flexibility.  Since our stretching and technique classes do not have a year end performance piece, dancers do not get distracted with remembering choreography and can continually push their bodies and grow as dancers. 

We encourage all dancers to take a stretching or technique class.  We believe these classes are where we see students grow the most.  As they continually work on the same muscle groups each week, the body becomes stronger and dancers can see an improvement in themselves by year-end.  These stretching and technique classes allow students to work on an individualized skill set as well, and push themselves to be the best dancer they can possibly be!